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Students of the diploma program in general civil engineering are obliged to learn the essential theories and methods of their professional fields, among them the discipline of structural engineering, which is designated as "the basic engineering discipline". At the same time, the software engineer must have a profound understanding of the potential and limits of modern software engineering. At the end of the diploma program, a student is qualified to carry out analysis and consulting tasks in the area of software engineering. This includes the specialized field of software testing and software repair.Q: Try to store Image in Sqlite Database I've been searching for some code to store a image into a SQLite database. I tried the code provided by this site: and it is working good, my only problem is that I have also two images in my database, the second image is not displayed. I'm using PHP 7.1.15 on Windows and the sqlite library used is the php_sqlite3_pdo_dblib.dll. public function insert_image($dir, $imageName) { try { $newImage = $this->_getImageFileName($dir, $imageName); $sql = "INSERT INTO Tbl_Images(Id, Name, PhotoFile) VALUES (?,?,?)"; $this->_db->prepare($sql) ->bindValue(1, $newImage) ->bindValue(2, $newImage) ->bindValue(3, base64_decode($newImage ac619d1d87

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